Safety tips and recommendations

Safety tips during the Cancun Sailing catamaran tour.

Read these safety tips to avoid any inconvenience during your trip and to live the best experience:

    • Make sure to arrive at the dock 30 minutes before the departure of your tour.
    • Always pay attention to the crew's directions.
    • If you have any mobility issues, let the crew know so they can help you get on and off the boat; they will take good care of you.
    • While snorkeling, wear your life jacket all the time since the currents sometimes can be strong.
    • Avoid touching the reefs since those are part of a natural reserve. We want to take good care of them.
    • Be careful with the floor. It can get slippery.
    • Avoid drinking too much alcohol. It can be dangerous.
    • Bring biodegradable sunscreen, sunglasses, and a cap to avoid sunburn.
    • Hold your cap or hat firmly as the boat moves.
    • Non-biodegradable sunscreen is not allowed since its ingredients damage the sea flora and fauna.
    • If you don't have biodegradable sunscreen, wear rashguard to protect your skin.
    • Protect your phone and other devices with waterproof accessories.
    • Be careful not to drop anything into the water. In addition to polluting the water, you could lose valuable objects in the sea.