About Dock Tax

Here you can find what is the Dock Tax and why is mandatory to pay it.

'Dock Tax' seems to crop up a lot. Unsuspecting tourists pay their money for fishing, snorkeling, or diving, then turn up on the day to be hit with an extra charge. Some customers only shrug and pay it. Others stamp and scream out, 'scam!', but what are these charges, and where is all that money going?

Dock tax is a federally imposed tax and is used to maintain the ports and beaches in good condition. Thus Cancun Sailing and our guides do not receive that money. 

Some of the tasks paid by this tax are:
  • Inspection of all the tour operators to ensure that they are complying with the new rules and recommendations.
  • Construction of bigger sewage processing plants, to better cope with the sheer number of tourists.
  • Repair and preventative work, as necessary.

In summary, your dock tax payment ensures the beauty and security of the nautical facilities and cleaning beaches, for many generations to come.