Lost and found in Cancun Sailing

What to do if I lost an item during my trip in catamaran?

If you lost an item, you should inform the crew or the check-in staff before leaving the facilities. If you realized that you lost an item until you arrived at your hotel, email our Guest Care department (help@cancunsailing.com) to file a report. Withing your email, make sure to add the following information:

  • Description of the object you are looking for
  • Name of the tour
  • Tour date and time
  • Name of the boat

What you need to receive your lost items?

  • Valid ID
  • Invoice of the missing object.
  • Or, valid proof that the missing object is yours.

Cancun Sailing is not responsible for loss or damage to equipment or personal items, jewelry, objects, etc. on the boat or in our facilities. However, as a service to our guests, forgotten objects will remain in Cancun Sailing administration's custody for 30 days to be claimed.